Solar Company Philippines
Solar Company Philippines

Solar Company Philippines

The solar industry in the Philippines is becoming more popular in certain areas like Manila, Pampanga, and Cavite due to the monthly kWp increase of their respective electric provider.

This makes finding truly qualified solar panel companies in this field more challenging. However, this cannot stop you from taking a step towards self-consumption since all you have to do is stay calm. Read this post, and I will tell you how to choose the best solar panel installer in the Philippines.

With the increase in incentives for the promotion of renewable energy generation in the national market, the number of small and medium-sized companies offering the installation service of photovoltaic modules has grown.

However, the greater offer requires even more attention when hiring the service, especially since it is a relatively new technology. Otherwise, your solar panels might encounter unexpected problems.

Theoretically, they are all said to ensure low maintenance and a service life of at least 25 years. To avoid problems, see eleven tips to get it right when choosing a company to install solar energy.

List of solar companies in the Philippines

Solar Company Philippines LocationExpertise
Solar PhilippinesManilaSolar Panel Installation
First Solar PhilippinesBatangasSolar Energy Solutions
SunPower Philippines Manufacturing Ltd.LagunaSolar Panel Manufacturing
Solaric PhilippinesQuezon CitySolar Energy Systems
Solar Solutions PhilippinesManilaRenewable Energy Solutions
Solaric Corp.Quezon CitySolar Panel Installation
Solar Power PhilippinesPasig CitySolar Power Solutions
Pacifica Green Solar PhilippinesMetro ManilaSustainable Energy Solutions
Sunray Power Inc.MakatiSolar PV Systems
SolarStar PhilippinesTaguigSolar Energy Consulting

1. Raise the company’s history

As the sustainable energy sector is recent in the Philippines, with businesses in complete formation, it is worth seeking more information about the time the solar energy company has on the market. An informative website is a good sign: take a few minutes to read it.

To determine your market share, see your relationship with the local concessionaire and/or electrification cooperatives, which distribute energy in rural corners, industrial areas, and urban areas. The more systems are installed, the more trustworthy the company is.

2. Check the origin of the equipment

Check that the solar energy installation company works only with equipment with a good reputation in the Philippines. Most importantly, they are adequate to the project’s needs. Also, see if the operating system is updated and if the data provided by the inverter can be monitored by smartphone or computer in real-time.

In addition, photovoltaic modules and, solar inverters, solar batteries, among other items offered, must be from a well-established supplier in the market. In addition to being cost-effective, this ensures its availability in stock for long periods.

3. Review the warranty offered

As photovoltaic modules have a useful life of up to 30 years and inverters around ten years, it is necessary to ensure that equipment suppliers will continue to operate for decades.

Otherwise, how would it be possible to enforce the guarantee compatible with the system’s durability? After all, as much as the photovoltaic modules and inverters are resistant, it is a precaution if something unforeseen occurs and they must be replaced.

Notice that something in the installation may eventually affect your system’s functioning, such as damaged cables, dust, or dirt.

4. Check the training of professionals

Try to find out if the solar panel installer team is subcontracted or if it is part of the company’s staff, which makes a difference in after-sales service. Pay attention also to training: ideally, leaders should be electrical engineers.

During the technical inspection, these solar installers will analyze the best area available for installing photovoltaic modules, which can be located on the roof or some of the land.

In this step, the installers calculate the slope, and the azimuthal deviation (difference between the North and the roof’s orientation), among other relevant points, to determine the energy generation capacity of the system.

They also evaluate the electrical characteristics of the property, interconnecting it with its system and installing the inverter close to the distribution board. They are also in charge of preparing the study of the energy bill.

After the inspection, the professionals prepare the customized electrical project, with the calculations and layouts, and request access from the energy concessionaire.

Then, the installation of the system begins. It is worth mentioning that any damage to the roof, even if rare, must be assumed by the company and promptly repaired. Remember that, in addition to quality equipment and a correctly sized system, the project needs to be well executed for the project to work.

5. Pay attention to after-sales

Try to find out if there are successful cases in the company’s portfolio, and if possible, get in touch with someone who has already contracted their services in areas like Manila, Pampanga, or Cavite to find out the degree of satisfaction.

Find out the company’s morale in consumer protection on social media or news sites. This offers a good clue as to how your after-sales service works and the type of attention given in case of problems.

The most important thing is to be sure that the company will advise you throughout the process, from the technical inspection to the installation and maintenance.

After all, even if the system stands out for its low maintenance, some sporadic care is recommended, such as cleaning every six months and checking the cables. Bear in mind that despite the service being quality and innovative, unforeseen events and problems can happen, regardless of the execution.

Scheduling technical visits occasionally helps ensure system stability throughout its useful life. That’s why it’s essential to consider the quality of the solar energy company’s communication channels.

In this case, the chosen solar company in the Philippines must be responsible and preferably act quickly to solve your problem as soon as possible. Any doubt that the customer has should be clarified without too much bureaucracy.

6. See how the company deals with bureaucracy

Check whether the chosen solar installer in the Philippines will complete all the necessary procedures to connect your system to the local electrical grid.

The better the company’s relationship with the energy concessionaire, the faster the access and installation of the system will be to start producing its energy finally.

The request for access to the distribution network must contain the Access Request Form, according to the installed power and the studies carried out to prepare the project.

Documents of the owner must also be included; installation address; consumer unit reference number; and the name/acronym of the electricity distribution concessionaire/permit holder.

7. Ask for a detailed quote

When receiving a photovoltaic panel installation project for energy generation that meets your expectations and desires, check whether the payment can be reconciled with the execution stages or even carried out as a consortium.

This is a preventive measure. Most professionals in the construction sector recommend making payments as the work progresses, never in advance. Always put requirements on the scale and review your expectations.

Once the system acquisition and installation process is completed, the procedures for interconnection with the energy concessionaire begin.

The deadline for connecting them to the distribution network varies from region to region. On average, this takes a month.

Identify in the contract the existence of a clause in which the solar energy company is responsible for damages to the property if they occur during installation. Thus, the cost is borne by her, and repairs will not come out of your pocket.

8. Identify whether the service is efficient

Service excellence is no longer a differential. Today, it is shown as a prerequisite. The company must be agile because time is precious in our society. Specific points to consider are seeking the best solution for the client’s problems and carrying out duties (responsibly) in the shortest possible time.

Make sure the solar company installer is open to dialogue and is willing to negotiate the proposal and service prices, in addition to checking whether it will be able to meet your specifications and complete the installation within the time frame you want. It is essential to demand quality, even if the company demonstrates promptness.

9. Check the use of new technologies

New technologies appear on the market over time; many can be optimistic about solar energy.

Choosing a solar company with the most modern tools and equipment and up-to-date strategies will be an incredible win. Benefits can range from shorter installation time to greater efficiency of the installed system.

For example, check the equipment’s operating system update. There are already systems that enable monitoring of the photovoltaic inverter from your computer or smartphone.

Technological advances also contribute to the need for exchanges and maintenance to happen less frequently, giving more freedom and savings to those who use solar energy. Count on an up-to-date company.

10. Ask for a simulation of the economy of the system

One of the most significant benefits of investing in a solar energy system is saving on future electricity bills.

A safe solar energy company should study the installation site, observing details such as the type of roof, shadows, inclination, and orientation of the plates, among others.

All these indications can make a big difference in the economy at the end of the month and also in the level of energy generation by the system.

Demand a survey of all data and values ​​referring to your economy. Understand that this is not an easy task: the complexity of this simulation makes companies that offer such a differential stand out much more. Choose a company that has a free simulator.

11. Check if the company offers customized solutions

Personalization is a requirement of most consumers. Therefore, it is interesting that the company is flexible in dealing with it. Stale projects may not meet your needs; this can be a problem over time. Working with customized solutions without aligning them with the company’s objectives is possible.

Why is it so important to have professional expertise?

To size the photovoltaic system, technicians calculate the average annual consumption of the property in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and consider the local grid voltage. Without the correct sizing, quality equipment is of no use.

Therefore, the technicians’ work ultimately ensures the system’s quality (based on the customer’s needs and the historical average of generation in the region).


When looking for the best installer in Manila, Pampanga, and Cavite, Philippines, you should not only compare the different standardized offers. Look for those who work on your case individually, closely, and professionally.

You must carefully analyze the quality of the products with which they work and the different means of financing that they provide us. In addition, it is essential to know the company’s situation well, its experience in the sector guarantees that it offers us.

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