Solar Panel Price Philippines
Solar Panel Price Philippines

Solar Panel Price Philippines

Many Filipinos ask how much one solar panel costs in the Philippines when considering the installation of photovoltaic panels. Solar panel prices vary widely depending on power, efficiency, and manufacturer. 

In this article, I will present the current prices of PV panels on the Philippine market, their parameters and the estimated costs of the entire photovoltaic installation.

Key takeaways:

  • The price of a 300 Wp photovoltaic panel starts from Php 7,068
  • More expensive, more efficient can cost up to Php 42,412 each
  • The average cost of a photovoltaic installation is approximately Php 150,000 to 800,000
  • The investment in solar panels pays off after 5-7 years
  • It is worth buying certified panels from renowned manufacturers

How much does a solar panel cost in 2024

How much does a solar panel cost in the Philippines is one of the most frequently asked questions by people interested in a photovoltaic installation. 

The prices of photovoltaic panels vary greatly and depend on many factors, such as the power of the panel, its efficiency and the reputable manufacturer.

The average price of a 300 Wp photovoltaic panel in 2024 starts from Php 7,068. Of course, the higher the quality and more efficient the panel, the higher its price will be. Panels with a power of 400-500 Wp can cost around Php 21,206.06 – Php 28,274 each. The most expensive, high-efficiency panels reach up to Php 42,412 per panel.

Factors influencing the price of solar panels in the Philippines

Many elements influence the final price of a photovoltaic panel. The most important of them are:

  • Panel power – the higher the power, the higher the price
  • Efficiency – more expensive panels have higher efficiency, e.g. 22%
  • The brand and quality of the panel
  • Country of origin – Asian, cheaper than European

It is worth choosing proven, reputable brands of photovoltaic panels that guarantee high durability and efficiency. The best PV manufacturers include: LG, Panasonic, Canadian Solar, Jinko, Longi.

Solar Panel Price Philippines

The Philippines photovoltaic market is dominated by Asian producers of PV panels, whose panels are usually cheaper than their European counterparts. The most popular brands include Longi, Jinko, Trina Solar and Risen. Their 300-watt panels usually cost Php 7,068 to Php 11,308.

In addition to Asian panels, there are, of course, more expensive but more efficient panels available from renowned companies such as LG, Panasonic or SunPower. Their prices per piece can reach up to Php 42,412 to Php 56,549 for panels with a power of 400-500 Wp.

Solar Panel ManufacturerSolar Panel Price Philippines
LongsPhp 9,896.16
Candian SolarPhp 11,309.90

As you can see in the table above, panels from reputable brands are more expensive, but they produce more energy over the entire period of use. Therefore, it is often more profitable to focus on quality rather than just the lowest price.

How much does it cost to install photovoltaic panels?

The price of the panels themselves is one thing, but the total cost of the photovoltaic installation also includes expenses for other system elements and the installation service. 

The average cost of installing solar panels in the Philippines is approximately Php 150,000 to 800,000 depending on the size of the installation, its power and the components used.

  • Additional costs of PV installation
  • The main components of the installation costs of a photovoltaic installation include: Inverter, Mounting structure, Wiring, Labour, Documentation, permits

Of course, the most important factor is the installation power – the more panels, the higher the cost of their installation.

What parameters of solar panels are the most important

When choosing photovoltaic panels for your installation, it is worth paying attention to three basic panel parameters:

  • Power – given in Wp (Watt), determines how much electricity it can generate
  • Efficiency – percentage, the higher the better, e.g. 22%
  • Product and performance warranty – the longer the better, up to 25 years

In addition, the dimensions of the panel (optimal 60 or 72 cells), its certificates and resistance to extreme weather conditions are also important.

The most important parameters of the panel are its power, efficiency and warranty period. The better the panels, the more expensive they will be, but they will ensure higher electricity production

How much can you save on photovoltaic panels in the Philippines

Installing a PV installation is undoubtedly a significant expense, but it pays off over time. Typically, the payback period for a photovoltaic investment is from 5 to a maximum of 8 years. It all depends on the system parameters and its efficiency in generating free energy.

A typical 5-kW installation costing Php 353,000 can produce approximately 4,500-5,500 kWh of energy per year. At today’s electricity prices, this translates into savings of Php 150,000 per year. As a result, the investment pays off after 5 years.

How many photovoltaic panels do you need for your house?

To determine the profitability of investing in PV, you must first estimate your home’s electricity demand. On this basis, the appropriate power and number of photovoltaic panels are selected.

For an example single-family house with an area of ​​150 m2, you usually need 8-12 panels with a total power of 3-5 kW. Such an installation will cover approximately 70-90% of electricity demand and will save up to Php 42,000 to Php 60,000 per year.

Where to buy the cheapest solar panels

Photovoltaic panels can be purchased in several ways:

  • Directly from the manufacturer – usually more expensive, but reliable and safe
  • From electrical wholesalers
  • In solar equipment stores (online and stationary)
  • From the PV installer/contractor

The cheapest offers of solar panels in the Philippines can usually be found in online stores or solar equipment distributors. There we can find opportunities for panels from lesser-known brands at promotional prices.

However, when buying a very cheap panel, you should be careful about unfair offers and contraband. Therefore, it is safer to choose proven brands from verified sellers than to chase the lowest price.


The article presented the current prices of photovoltaic panels in the Philippines. I found out that the average price of one 300 Wp solar panel starts from Php 7,068, and more expensive, more efficient ones can cost up to Php 42,412 per unit. The most important parameters of PV panels that are worth paying attention to when choosing are also discussed.

Next, the total costs of installing a photovoltaic installation in our country were presented, which amount to an average of Php 150,000 to Php 800,000 for popular systems with a power of 5-10 kW. Estimates of how many panels are needed to power a typical single-family house are also presented.

The issues of profitability of investments in photovoltaics were also discussed. The payback period is usually 5-7 years, and annual savings can reach up to 20-40% of electricity bills. Finally, it was indicated where you can buy the cheapest photovoltaic panels to minimize the costs of the entire PV installation.

I hope that the article provided all the necessary information about the prices and profitability of installing solar panels in the Philippines. I encourage you to take a closer look at the topic of photovoltaics and perhaps make your own ecological investment in it.

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