Solis Inverter Review
Solis Inverter Review

Solis Inverter Review

Solis is one of the largest and most experienced inverter manufacturers in the world, specializing primarily in string inverters. The brand is also increasingly important in the home energy storage market. Recently, the premiere of a new product from Solis – the three-phase Solis S6 hybrid inverter- took place. What do you need to know about it?

Solis hybrid inverter – advantages

The Solis S6 three-phase hybrid inverter can be equipped with 3 or 4 MPP trackers, which allows for even greater flexibility when designing PV installations. Therefore, up to 4 chains of modules can be connected to it, as well as an additional energy storage unit with a separate connection.

Additionally, for an even greater level of safety, the device is equipped with the ability to activate electric arc detection (AFCI). If an electrical discharge occurs in a series of cells, the photovoltaic system will be turned off, preventing a fire from breaking out.

With an input current of 16 A, the inverter is compatible with modern high-performance modules, enabling efficient use of the generated energy. The maximum short-circuit current (Isc) is 24 A. It must always be higher than the module current.

Emergency power supply

Solis S6 hybrid inverters can be used in various operating modes. The device can cooperate with energy storage facilities to optimize self-consumption. It can operate in off-grid and network modes. Additionally, it supports up to 10 units in parallel operation and generator input. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized commercial energy storage systems.

Solis hybrid inverter – installation and commissioning

Installing the device begins with attaching the included wall bracket to the wall. When choosing the place where the device is to be installed, remember to leave a free space of at least 50 cm around the inverter and energy storage.

The set also includes a 3-phase smart meter with 3 current transformers and a WiFi module. Launching takes place using the dedicated SolisCloud application, although it is also possible via Bluetooth.

During the initial configuration of the device, operating modes, time, network code and energy storage and meter options are set. The SolisCloud application also allows you to monitor and configure the device’s operation.

In addition to hybrid inverters, Solis also offers a wide selection of photovoltaic inverters from 0.6 to 255 kW. These devices also feature AFCI; they are also compatible with modern high-performance modules.

Solis S5 3P inverter

Designed for three-phase home systems, S5 photovoltaic inverters are distinguished by their compact design and relatively low weight – from 17.8 to 20 kg.

Also noteworthy is the easy installation and maintenance of Solis inverters. As with hybrid devices, Solis PV inverters can be controlled using the SolisCloud application. Thanks to the technology of automatic voltage stabilization in bad conditions, they are extremely safe devices.

Asian tiger

The Solis brand was founded in China by Ginlong Technologies. Since its establishment in 2005, it has been creating solutions for various sectors of the solar energy market. It supplies internationally recognized string inverters for both domestic and commercial use. 

The company is number 1 among inverter manufacturers in Asia. 1- and 3-phase Ginglong inverters are widely used all over the world – since 2015 they have even been installed on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Solis is a brand that pays special attention to social responsibility and attention to ecology at every stage of production and distribution of devices – from design, through supply chain management, to energy consumption and sustainable waste management. 

In order to reduce or eliminate harmful substances from their products, they use ecological materials to create them. The designs are refined in such a way as to minimize the use of materials and any waste can be recycled. 

This fits perfectly not only into current trends in the field of sustainable production but also the very idea of ​​photovoltaics as an environmentally friendly solution.


The Solis S6 hybrid inverter is equipped with 3 or 4 MPP trackers, AFCI safety function and switching devices for emergency power supply. Solis also offers a wide selection of string inverters; Launching and monitoring the operation of all devices is very easy thanks to the special SolisCloud application.

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