What Are The Benefits of Saving Electricity
What Are The Benefits of Saving Electricity

What Are The Benefits of Saving Electricity

The need for electricity is one thing that cannot be separated, especially in modern times like now. Because many activities require electricity, such as charging various electronic devices and turning on lights. Therefore, you need to save electricity. What are the benefits of saving energy? Check out the benefits below.

1. Contribute to reducing the use of fossil fuels

The first benefit that can be obtained by saving or reducing excessive use of electricity is contributing to reducing fossil fuels in nature. As you know, power plants in Indonesia generally still use fossil fuels.

What are fossil fuels? 

Fossil fuels are energy sources that come from within the earth. However, the resources cannot be renewed quickly (non-renewable), and their use can impact human life, such as coal and oil. 

Based on data from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, the use of fossil fuels is still dominant in Indonesian power plants, reaching 60,485 MW, equivalent to 85.31 percent of the total national installed capacity. 

Looking at the intensity of use, this does not rule out the possibility that fossil fuels will run out very quickly. Therefore, you can start switching to using more environmentally friendly and renewable energy, such as solar power. By switching to electricity from renewable energy sources, you will also contribute to tackling climate change.

2. Reduce Air Pollution

Furthermore, there are other benefits that you can get by reducing the use of conventional (fossil) energy. As previously stated, many power plants in Indonesia still use fossil fuels. Not only is it a non-renewable type of energy, but this fuel can also cause air pollution.

Air pollution from continued dependence on fossil fuels is damaging global health. According to researchers, regions experiencing the highest fossil fuel-related air pollution concentrations include Eastern North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. 

Also, burning fossil fuels will produce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. In other words, the more electricity you use using fossil energy, the greater the carbon emissions will be produced.

Therefore, it is important to start switching to using more environmentally friendly energy for electricity generation sources, including solar energy.

3. Avoid the risk of short circuits

It turns out that saving electricity is one way to avoid the risk of short circuits. This is caused by a short circuit in electricity, known as a short circuit, which can occur and can cause damage to various electronic equipment. This may also cause a fire. A short circuit can occur if the electrical cable is damaged. Therefore, you can avoid short circuits by turning off electronic devices that are not in use. The benefits of saving electrical energy will also be able to prevent short circuits.

4. Electronic goods become more durable

Another benefit you can get from saving on electricity usage is indirectly taking action to care for and maintain these electronic items. Turning off electronic devices such as Aircon when not in use will make the items last longer and have a longer service life.

For example, when you don’t turn on the AC continuously. This will help keep the AC from being full of dust and dirt, which can hinder its performance. That way, the AC will last longer and will not be easily damaged if it is not used excessively.

You can also save electrical energy by turning off the lights when they are not in use or during the day. This action will save the life of the lamp so that it will last longer, and you won’t have to buy a new lamp in a short period.

5. Able to reduce expenses

One of the benefits that will be felt when saving electrical energy is being able to reduce costs. The reason is that saving electricity will prevent your bills from increasing and will be lighter. Of course, this will be inversely proportional if you waste electricity. As a result, the bigger the electricity bill you pay. Therefore, saving electricity can also save your monthly expenses.


These are some of the benefits you can get by saving electricity. The benefits of saving energy can also be maximized by using renewable energy, one of which is solar energy. Solar energy could be a suitable choice because it is easy to apply and maintain. 

With solar panels, you can convert solar energy into electrical energy. Apart from enjoying savings on electricity costs every month, you have also contributed to reducing the impact of climate change by using more environmentally friendly energy.

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