Bluetti Solar Generator Price Philippines
Bluetti Solar Generator Price Philippines

Bluetti Solar Generator Price Philippines

The world is changing, and fossil fuels will disappear from our daily lives. The future belongs to clean and renewable energies. But also to the self-consumption, which will make it possible to eliminate the greedy multinationals of energy, robust solutions begin to develop, and precisely, I present those proposed by Bluetti.

What is Bluetti

Bluetti is an American brand specializing in solar energy. It designs and produces complete kits for nomadism but also the home. Their range comprises portable and emergency stations coupled with solar panels and batteries to store the energy produced. They allow you to have it available in case of power outages or to use it daily.

The brand does not just take existing components. It designs products from A to Z. This is the case with BMS (Battery Management System) motherboards, inverters, and MMPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controllers. Everything is homemade in the best quality to ensure high performance.

You will understand that Bluetti is one of the best brands available in this field. They offer a complete range for going on vacation and the home. Their products allow the choice of installing solar electricity production on the roof with batteries to store it and reuse it later in the house, electric generators in the event of an untimely power cut, as well as nomadic stations to produce and store your green electricity at the campsite, in a converted van or on a boat.

Bluetti undoubtedly offers the most successful and efficient range for a domestic installation of self-consumption of solar energy, a complete solution at the cutting edge of technology, which is set to be developed in our homes in the years to come.

Because self-consumption is the best solution to the climate and energy challenges that we will encounter shortly, it allows us to free ourselves from fossil fuels. It has long been prohibited to leave the field free to greedy companies that have monopolized the energy market to enrich themselves at our expense.

But after the arrival of substantial investments, I will explain all this to you in more detail. However, so as not to scare you even before you have started, it should be noted that there is something for all budgets (or almost) with nomadic installations from around ₱15k.

Characteristics of Bluetti mobile power stations

Now that the presentations are made and the stakes have been raised, let’s see the different devices Bluetti offers. I cannot detail them all individually because the range includes more than 30 references available in various powers.

But I will see the different ranges to understand better what it is possible to do, starting with the device common to any installation: solar panels to produce clean and renewable energy.

So Bluetti does not offer rooftop solar panels, even if its other devices are compatible with existing or specifically created installations. It must be said that in the USA, innovative solutions are being developed, with tiles and photovoltaic roofs that are more efficient than the panels just added over the roof.

Their range of solar panels comprises 5 portable and foldable solar panels, which will have a capacity of 68 Watts for mobile recharging to 420 Watts for charging storage stations. The most powerful models can also be installed at home, self-supporting with an integrated easel. You have to put them on the ground facing the sun.

They can power the rest of the Bluetti range, so as we started with the nomadic aspect, let’s continue with the portable power stations. The range comprises around ten models, from the small troubleshooting station to charging smartphones, laptops, and other lamps or speakers (Bluetti EB3A — 268 Wh / 600 Watts).

The EB range can charge or power small everyday objects, it can quickly be taken camping or hiking, and it is the most powerful with 716 Wh / 1000 Watts (Bluetti EB70).

But for high power, you also have the Bluetti AC range available, made up of models capable of powering household appliances such as a fridge for 24 hours on battery power. We will reach 2,000 Wh and 2,000 Watts of power in this range, but they are more expensive.

All are equipped with long-lasting LifePo batteries and are rechargeable either with solar panels or on the mains if you don’t have time to charge them before leaving for the weekend or need to recharge them quickly when you take a stopover. These devices are suitable for equipping a fitted van, a small boat, or camping.

Characteristics of Bluetti domestic electrical installations

For the house, we will move on to heavier devices, with electricity generators which will recover the energy produced by solar panels or tiles and store it in batteries to use it at night or when it is dark. there is no sun. These are more complex and expensive installations, making it possible to overcome traditional networks partially.

Here, I am talking about self-consumption and installations that allow you to consume the solar energy you produce yourself. Still, this section has a range of transitions with nomadic devices. These are breakdown stations comparable to generator sets but store electricity rather than generating it with fossil fuel.

Ideal for powering household appliances that must remain powered (aircon, freezer, etc.), but it also allows you to light up and cook when you experience a long-lasting untimely power cut.

We are, therefore, still increasing in power since the Bluetti AC Series electrical stations will start at 3,000 Wh for the basic troubleshooting models. Adding additional storage batteries can increase to more than 9,000 Wh. They can supply you with energy for several days.

I particularly like the Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro range (5,100 Wh), which resembles a space heater mounted on wheels. You can quickly move it around the house wherever you need electricity.

This naturally brings us to the most complex installations designed for everyday domestic use. These solar energy generator kits will recover, store, and then redistribute the energy produced by the solar installation on the roof and/or via self-supporting panels.

They are composed of an electrical station and several stackable batteries. These installations can store from 9,000 Wh to more than 79,000 Wh even if afterward, we are talking about a substantial financial investment ₱268,800.00 to ₱403,740.

Because what you have to understand is that Bluetti offers adaptable and modular solutions. Unlike its competitors, you have stations with integrated storage and sockets to connect your devices as for other brands. But you can add storage modules to increase their capacity.

You can also mount one or more storage modules (EP600 range) in series to increase the capacity of your installation and connect it to the domestic electrical network. The same goes for solar panels to supply them with clean and renewable energy, etc.

Bluetti Philippines: Prices and distributors

Almost everything is possible, and that’s what I like about this brand, finally added to the fact that it is at the cutting edge of technology and that the quality is impeccable, of course (that remains the most important).

Bluettti’s solar-powered stations are the best, but they don’t come cheap. It all depends on your budget and needs. For a small installation that will charge your computer and smartphone, you can equip yourself for less than ₱50k (station + solar panel).

But for domestic installations such as a generator or regular self-consumption, on the other hand, we then come to more complex devices. There, the price will start at ₱152k and go up to more than ₱500k for an autonomous house or at least not far from it with significant energy storage.

Again, I cannot give you all the prices because that would be too many to record and list, but I will give you the price ranges for each range of products that we have just detailed. You can also look at all this in more detail on the Bluetti website or their Amazon store.

But to give you an idea of ​​the prices, here are the price ranges: for solar panels, it takes ₱15k for the entry-level (68 Wh) and up to ₱50k for the most powerful ( 420 Wh) self-supporting that can be installed anywhere, at the campsite or home.

Portable stations for nomadism start at ₱30k for the lightest (268 Wh), and you will find them at all prices up to the most powerful, capable of powering a fridge or an espresso machine (2,048 Wh).

But for domestic installations, it is better to opt for solar energy generator kits whose price starts at ₱130k and can climb to more than ₱500k for energy storage installations produced by solar panels in series, capable of redistributing it at night in your house.

It all depends on how many storage modules you need or want to have, but the budget will often decide. As explained above, you always have a head module that manages additional batteries to increase the storage capacity and solar panels to charge them.

To give you a more precise idea of ​​a complete installation, you have a repair kit offered by Bluetti, which is adapted to the current needs of a household. The Bluetti AC500 generating set with an additional B300S battery is offered for ₱250k, ideal in the event of an untimely power cut.

It has a power of 5,000 Watts and can power up to 16 devices simultaneously, and you can then add other B300S modules to it to increase its storage capacity up to 18,432 Wh. It can be recharged using solar panels and on the mains to store electricity in anticipation of power cuts in winter.

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