What Appliances Use the Most Electricity in a Home
What Appliances Use the Most Electricity in a Home

What Appliances Use the Most Electricity in a Home

When using solar energy, it’s essential to know which appliances in your home use the most electricity so you can turn them on or off when your solar production is at its peak. Unfortunately, not many homeowners know about this, so I put together the devices that consume the most electricity and alternatives to reduce your bills.

AppliancePower Consumption (Watts)Daily (Wh)Monthly (kWh)Yearly (kWh)
Washing Machine500120003604320
Air Conditioner150036000108012960
Lights (4 bulbs)60 (15 per bulb)144043.2518.4
Coffee Maker900216006487776
Electric Kettle150036000108012960
Hair Dryer12002880086410368
Vacuum Cleaner12002880086410368
Ceiling Fan (per fan)75180054648
Gaming Console15036001081296
Space Heater150036000108012960
Electric Oven250060000180021600
Clothes Dryer400096000288034560
Electric Stove1500 (per burner)36000108012960
Water Heater (40-gallon)4500108000324038880
Air Fryer12002880086410368
Electric Blanket100240072864
Stand Mixer25060001802160
Hair Straightener20048001441728
Electric Toothbrush1240.728.64
Rice Cooker500120003604320
Slow Cooker25060001802160
Electric Grill150036000108012960
Electric Shaver1536010.8129.6
Electric Can Opener100240072864
Electric Skillet12002880086410368
Hand Mixer20048001441728
Curling Iron409602.8834.56
Electric Pressure Cooker1000240007208640
Food Processor450108003243888
Bread Maker600144004325184
Water Dispenser100240072864
Aquarium (50 gallons)100240072864
Aquarium Heater100240072864
Aquarium Pump51203.643.2
Aquarium Light2560018216

1. Electric heating

Unsurprisingly, electric heating consumes the most at home, especially in winter. Average consumption is estimated at 4312kWh/year for a house and 1719kWh/year for an apartment. These statistics equate to bills ranging from ₱18k to ₱40k.

These figures vary quite a bit depending on the use of heating and the size of each home. However, we advise using a less energy-intensive system to save money.

2. The electric hot water tank

The hot water production system is the second device that consumes the most electricity. If you have an electric hot water tank, your annual bill is estimated at around ₱17k, for an average consumption of 1676kWs/year. The heat pump water heater can be a good alternative because this system consumes around 215kWs/year for a bill of ₱2,500.

3. The fixed air conditioner

The air conditioner is not primarily used in winter. However, the bill tends to rise when the good weather arrives. The consumption of a fixed air conditioner is estimated between 300 and 700 kW/year, or between ₱3,200 and ₱7,900 in costs. A mobile air conditioner can allow you to save money because it consumes around 140kWs per year, which corresponds to around ₱1,500.

4. The electric oven

The oven is the most electricity-intensive household appliance. Your bill will depend on its frequency of use, but be aware that this device can reach a consumption of 500 kW/year, or ₱10,500.

Fortunately, your choice of device will have a big impact on the amount of your bill. First of all, be aware that pyrolysis is highly energy-intensive. The fan oven is more economical. To optimize your consumption as much as possible, I advise you to opt for a combined oven (oven and microwave simultaneously). These devices consume 65% less electricity compared to a conventional oven.

5. The refrigerator combined with a freezer

The most energy-intensive refrigerator is the combined refrigerator, which has a freezer. Its electricity consumption is estimated at around 672 kW/year, corresponding to about ₱7500. To save money, you can opt for models such as the standard combined refrigerator (around 330kWh/year for ₱3,500) or the classic refrigerator (around 167kWh/year for ₱1800.

6. The cooking plates

Hobs are third among the appliances in the kitchen that consume the most electricity. They can consume up to 500 kW/year or even more. This average raises your bill to around ₱5300 per year.

Like the oven, be aware that the hob models directly influence your consumption. I advise you to choose induction rather than ceramic hobs to save around 20% of your consumption.

Finally, ensure you adopt good cooking habits to reduce your bill. In particular, remember to use modern and suitable equipment not to make cooking last longer than necessary. Applying a lid to your pans will reduce cooking time and save electricity.

7. The dryer

The dryer consumes, on average, 290 to 300kWs/year, which equates to a bill of around ₱3,100. Of course, the frequency of its use can vary significantly from one household to another. However, we advise you to limit the use of the dryer, favoring natural drying as much as possible when possible.

8. The freezer

The freezer often uses less electricity than the combined refrigerator. However, it will cost you the sum of ₱3,100 per year on average, for a consumption of around 288 kWs/year. To avoid overconsumption, use a modern and efficient freezer and defrost it regularly.

9. The dishwasher

The dishwasher consumes, on average, between 162 and 192kWh/year. The bill is estimated at ₱1700, although it can vary considerably depending on the frequency of use of this device.

10. The wifi camera

Your wifi camera security system is an electronic device that consumes approximately 224kWs/year and ₱2,300. So remember to unplug your camera at home to save money.

11. The television

Your television consumes, on average, 187 kW/year, corresponding to a bill of ₱2000. Remember to unplug it when you are not using it and when you go on vacation.

12. The computer

Your desktop computer consumes around 123 kWs/year, or ₱1300. Of course, this consumption can be much higher, especially if you use it all day, especially when teleworking. Like the television, I advise you to unplug it when you are not using it.

13. Internet boxing

We don’t often think about it, but internet boxing also consumes electricity. Around 103 kWs/year, for ₱1000. Here again, you can unplug it when you are away.

14. The games console

The last electronic device on our site is the games console. Its consumption is similar to internet boxing since it is estimated at around 97 kW/year.

15. Lighting

Finally, this list’s last piece of equipment does not appear in any of the three categories. This is, of course, the lighting in the house, which consumes around 147 kWs/year, for a bill of ₱1500. LED bulbs can be an effective solution to reduce this consumption.

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