How to Find a Solar Panel Supplier Philippines
How to Find a Solar Panel Supplier Philippines

How to Find a Solar Panel Supplier Philippines

Finding solar panel supplier Philippines is a challenge. Finding reliable and trustworthy solar panel distributor is an even greater challenge, in which well-done research is necessary to avoid falling into holes and ending the business.

One of the big mistakes when an entrepreneur decides to become a solar panel supplier in the Philippines is to think that suitable suppliers are on the internet and on the first pages that Google shows. But not quite! You can usually find hidden “solar panel suppliers in the Philippines,” but otherwise, it would be better.

What questions to ask to find the ideal solar panel suppliers?

Before starting your search, try to determine your business needs. This will help you narrow down the potential solar panel vendors that best meet your needs. Try to answer questions like:

  • What do you need?
  • What is the quantity?
  • How long?
  • How much money do you have to invest in stock?
  • Do you have physical space to have stock?
  • Do you work with prompt delivery or order?

These questions will clarify what you need when talking to suppliers. A good supplier for you, first and foremost, can meet your needs. Once that’s done, follow the tips below:

What are the tips for finding trustworthy solar panel suppliers in the Philippines?

1. Online Research

The first step may seem obvious, but it is not always the case. Searching for solar panel suppliers is not just Google what you are looking for and only looking at the first page that appears. For you to be able to find solar panel suppliers, you must stop and look carefully at as much as you can.

Unfortunately, many solar panel vendors care little about marketing or making a professional website. Many end up failing to get featured on Google, which is why you should keep searching. You will likely find many pages with an amateur aesthetic, so avoid judging and try to get in touch.

Also, try to change the words when searching. Instead of just putting “supplier + solar panel,” look for similar words like “reseller,” “distributor,” and “wholesale.”

The tip is that you select some solar panel suppliers that you find and go looking for information about them. Research the reputation, see if you can find reports from other customers, and call them for more relevant information such as price, delivery, and deadline. Seek further research and interact with them to see how they serve customers.

The solar panel supplier must know how to talk to the customer, knows how to inform about any doubts, and significantly closer partnership situations.

The better the service, the more you should consider the solar panel provider in the Philippines. After all, they are the ones you’ll have a partnership with, they are the ones you’ll have to trust for your business to work out. Look for those you feel more affinity with.

2. Look for local suppliers

The closer your solar panel supplier is, the more likely they will have a faster delivery time than distant suppliers in the Philippines. This must be considered when closing a partnership since your business depends on the products to sell. There’s no point in selling if the stock will take a while to replenish.

Although the replacement time is essential, remember that it is not just because it is closer that it is a good supplier. Remember to consider his relationship with you and prices and delivery forecasts.

3. Attend fairs about Solar Panel in the Philippines

Trade shows are great places for you to network. Businesses in the solar panel industry already have positive points, as they show responsibility and willingness to grow, seeking to interact with others in the solar energy market.

Also, they are paid places. Therefore, those who spend money to be at these fairs are people who care about what they do. The chances of meeting suitable solar panel suppliers are high.

4. Keep an eye on catalogs and online portals about solar panels

Look for catalogs on websites specialized related to photovoltaic systems in the Philippines. From time to time, companies provide catalogs about their products. Keeping an eye on this is a step towards finding suitable suppliers.

Another way is to watch the websites and social networks of specialized fairs. Websites typically provide information about companies that attended. In addition to providing this information, social networks can follow – or be followed – by reliable suppliers.

5. Talk to the manufacturer.

Contacting the solar panel manufacturer in the Philippines is a great strategy. After all, they know better than anyone which companies resell their products. There are cases where solar panel manufacturers can sell directly to you, which is excellent, as you pay a much lower price than with another type of solar panel supplier.

But you need to keep an eye on one point: research whether the manufacturer also sells the products at retail. If that happens, get out, he may not be a reliable solar panel supplier, and will still be a competitor.

6. Analyze the price and payment methods.

When looking for suppliers, it is always good to know if the price of the solar panel in the Philippines and the payment methods are worthwhile. Logically, the solar panels must be of good quality, but choosing suppliers with absurd prices and not flexible with payment may not be suitable for your business.

Compare the quality of your solar panel with all the suppliers you like, and see which ones are better for money. Try to find out what types of discounts each one gives, and if there are good installment conditions.

Also include shipping costs, service charges, and taxes. All expenses must be included when choosing the solar panel supplier so that, later on, you do not have to increase your prices and end up incurring losses.

7. Look at the packaging.

It is one of the most used strategies: looking at the name of the solar panel supplier on the product’s label or packaging. This is one way that might work for you, but don’t take it as the only solution. Not always a supplier of a place is a good supplier or a good supplier for you.

8. Look for fixed markets.

Some segments have fixed markets, where it is much easier to find suppliers. An example of this is the clothing segment, where it is possible to find several wholesale stores.

9. Analyze the supply capacity.

Ask suppliers if they can supply your demand, if they won’t let you down, and how long it may take them to fill your inventory. The foundation of a partnership with your supplier must be honesty. Be honest about what you need and the time you need it, and see whether or not he can deliver.

Finding suppliers with good solar panels that can’t serve your business in the time you need can make you look bad to customers.

Don’t depend on just one.

These points are essential for approaching an excellent solar panel supplier for your business. Don’t be too lazy to spend time researching and talking to all those who seem to be the right vendors for you.

Also, don’t depend on just one vendor. Even if you find one that perfectly fills everything your business needs, certain situations can happen unexpectedly. So, have at least two good vendors and be honest with both of them about this.

The basis of this partnership must be honesty, and the more sincere you are with your supplier, and he is with you, the better.

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