Solar Radio Price Philippines
Solar Radio Price Philippines

Solar Radio Price Philippines

The solar radio is the tool that all lovers of survival, camping or outings in isolated sites love. But not only that, this portable radio has everything to appeal to the general public: an affordable price, energy autonomy and multiple possible options. 

This type of radio is recharged using a small photovoltaic panel, or a portable solar generator but also using a dynamo or directly from a mains socket or with batteries. Many services will be provided to you by this revolutionary product that we detail here. 

Find at the top of the page our selection of the best solar radios of the moment with their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

1. FosPower solar radio

The American company FosPower specializes in portable gadgets. Recognized for their well-designed, practical and inexpensive products, here we present their emergency solar radio. It’s our favorite! We find exemplary quality, beautiful finishes, a rubberized shell and options that could convince you. 

This multifunction radio can be recharged in several ways: using solar energy, the dynamo, by plugging it in via USB or by inserting 3 AAA batteries. The internal battery is powerful for this type of device with 2000 mAh. Perfectly suited for charging a smartphone for example. 

This emergency device lives up to its name. It has a 115 db SOS alarm, a 1 W flashlight and access to broadcasting from NOAA emergency and weather stations. It meets IPX3 waterproof standards. Enough to go on a road trip with peace of mind.  

2. Sangean Survivor DAB solar radio

Here is the ultimate emergency device, the luxury of solar radio with Sangean Survivor DAB. It will meet all the expectations of enthusiasts of survival, hiking or any other nomadic activities. This emergency radio stands out from the others by its LCD screen which shows you the necessary data such as the battery charge level. It has been designed to resist splashes and shocks thanks to its wider and rubberized ends. 

But that’s not all, you can listen to DAB frequency radio and pre-record 10 DAB and 10 FM radios. This new type of DAB radio reception is the most efficient with the best quality: incomparable with AM and FM frequencies! 

This radio is also equipped with a flashlight with 4 lighting modes: high, low, flashing and SOS. Its 850 mAh lithium battery is more than sufficient and can be replaced effortlessly and at a lower cost. Opt for the luxury of survival devices with the Sangean Survivor DAB radio!

3. Mesqool CR1009 solar radio

The Mesqool survival radio is one of the most efficient in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. Many emergency options are integrated, such as the powerful 5 W flashlight or the 6 LED reading light. 

You will also find a compass on the strap. On the radio side, nothing will escape you! It receives traditional AM and FM frequencies, short SW frequencies as well as WB frequencies for NOAA weather stations.

This radio incorporates a large capacity 2000 mAh lithium battery. It can be recharged in several ways to avoid any battery failure: exposed to the sun, by turning the crank, by inserting 3 LR3 batteries or simply plugged into an outlet with the USB cable provided. Shock resistant, the USB ports are also protected against splashes with a rubber cover.

4. Duronic Hybrid solar radio

Low price, ultra compact, lightweight and high quality: that’s how to define Duronic’s Hybrid solar radio. This survival device can easily be stored in the glove box of your car or in the pocket of a bag during your fishing trips, hiking, etc.

The Duronic Hybrid radio is energy independent. It can be recharged by the sun using its small solar panel but also by a hand-crank dynamo. Classic USB charging is also available and the dedicated cable is provided. This device is not compatible with batteries. 

I liked its retro look with the analog radio frequency display as well as the two main buttons located on the side of the device. These rotary knobs offer great precision in adjusting frequencies and sound volume.

This emergency solar radio is renowned for its reliability and very good value for money.

How Does a Solar Radio Work?

The solar radio has a built-in solar panel made of monocrystalline cells. These guarantee continuous recharging of its battery even when it is in use. Indeed, placed in the light, they store solar energy and convert it into electrical energy.

It also has a dynamo which allows operation and recharging in all circumstances. Simply turn the crank and the dynamo generates power and recharges the battery.

The solar radio can also be recharged electrically via USB and mains power. The battery then offers an autonomy of 8 hours on average. Some brands promise up to 25 hours of battery life.

There are models that have a place to insert batteries (AAA). However, they are not included in the purchase. Its operating time differs depending on the radio model because it depends entirely on the quality and amperage of the battery present.

When to use a solar radio?

To listen to music, news or your favorite shows, the solar radio has quickly become an essential ecological tool. Wherever you are, on a picnic, on a weekend in the countryside, on a hike, at the top of a mountain, or simply in your garden, it will easily accompany all your outing desires. It’s the favorite gadget of nomadic campers.

It can also be very useful if you work outdoors (construction site, forest, fields, etc.) or accompany you in your hobbies (climbing, skiing, rafting, paddle, navigation, fishing, hunting, etc.).

The solar radio will also prove to be most effective in emergency situations. In addition to being able to find out about possible natural disasters, even without electricity, the best equipped among them will be able to orient you, illuminate you, signal your presence, or even give you timely weather forecasts.

How to choose the right solar radio?

Many solar radios exist on the market. Some characteristics differ depending on the model. The most relevant thing is to choose your radio, not only according to your budget, but above all according to the quality of its battery and the options offered.

User reviews

In order to make the best possible choice, it is important to read the reviews of people who have already used the product. Some can be very useful.

The type of radio

The vast majority of solar radios are equipped with solar panels and a dynamo to guarantee recharging no matter what. The location for batteries is not always provided.

Radio frequencies

Several frequencies are available. All are equipped with AM (520-1710khz) and FM (87-108 MHz) bands, others offer the S W band (2.3-22.00 MHz) in addition or even pre-programmed NOAA weather bands.

Battery type

For longer operation, it is important to choose a solar radio equipped with a quality battery. The higher the amperage, the more autonomy the battery will have, for an equal charging time.

The batteries included in these hybrid radios can have an energy storage capacity ranging from 300 mAh to 2000mAh. You will have the choice between two types of battery:

  • Lithium or Li-ion : its + > its longevity, its weight, no charging constraints.
  • Nickel or Ni-MH: its + > environmentally friendly, its cost, its solidity.

Height and weight

A solar radio can weigh between 150g and 450g, and measure between 10cm and 35cm. Models are even designed to fit in your pocket. For short trips, choose the most compact ones, while for a longer camping stay, choose the most powerful and efficient ones.

The brand, the guarantee

Duronic, Sangean, Retekess, Lesgos, Degen, are the most popular brands for sale on the internet. Most retailers offer a free return within 30 days if the product does not suit you or is defective. Some brands add a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

What options can be found on a solar radio?

Apart from the radio, many options can be offered to you depending on your needs:

Classic options

  • Multi-function emergency solar radioThe different possible power supplies: Solar panel / Dynamo / USB cable / Cigarette lighter cable / AAA batteries / Emergency battery
  • The LED flashlight: different lighting modes, powerful flashlight to see at night or much less bright reading lamp
  • The clock
  • Awakening
  • The timer
  • Telescopic antenna

The essentials for survival

  • Compass
  • Red SOS flashing
  • NOAA weather bands with pre-programmed channels that send warning signals in case of severe weather
  • SOS alarm siren (audible over more than a kilometer) and/or dog whistle
  • Waterproof shell
  • Strap
  • Carabiner

High tech options

  • LCD screen
  • Mini jack port to plug in your earphones or headphones
  • USB or mini USB port, to recharge your battery from the mains, to plug in a USB key with your music (mp3, wav, wma) or to recharge your mobile phone for a few minutes in an emergency. You can also plug in an external battery
  • Bluetooth connection, to use your radio as a speaker with your tablet or phone, or to answer the phone if your radio has a microphone. But also to connect all your Bluetooth accessories (headband, headset, earphones, connected watch, etc.)
  • SD/micro SD card reader, to listen to your own playlists
  • Radio and/or microphone recorder

What are the advantages of a solar radio?

This emergency radio was first designed to maintain a link with the rest of the world in the event of a natural disaster. All survivalists have this type of object.

Whether you are stuck on your roof due to flooding or hiding in your cellar following a hurricane alert, this radio will be your only means of getting information from outside or allowing emergency services to come to your aid.

A global crisis? No more electricity or internet networks? Never mind! With your survival radio, you can always access essential news, warnings and weather reports.

You will never be lost again! Compass, flashlight, siren, SOS flasher, dog whistle, even trapped in a crevasse in the high mountains, this survival radio will be your best asset. It will give you every chance of getting out of the most dangerous situations.

Practical, ecological, and technological, this incredible invention is equipped with a large range of options, all very useful, which you can select according to the use you wish to make of it.

Easy to handle, robust, and waterproof, you can entrust it without fear to your children, young and old, to reassure you if they go to summer camp or on a school trip.

In summary, whether you are a homebody or an adventurer, this hybrid radio will give you the privilege of sleeping soundly while enjoying your favorite tunes.

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