Portable Solar Panels in the Philippines
Portable Solar Panels in the Philippines

Portable Solar Panels in the Philippines

Portable solar panels are becoming a convenient and used option among those who want an efficient and sustainable solar energy source without losing mobility when traveling.

Portable solar panels capture the sun’s energy to transport it in a compact and easily transportable way. It is a great alternative to charge electronic devices while on the move (hiking) or in places without connection to the electrical network (campsites or isolated country houses).

Why Portable Solar Panel

The portable solar panel kit is handy in outdoor activities to charge mobile phones, cameras, lights, laptops, and other electronic devices. With portable solar panels with a higher power, we will also have sufficient energy backup for our country house for occasional use or in campsites, as long as we equip it with a good portable solar panel kit.

This is an excellent quality of this folding solar panel since they meet a wide range of needs. For example, they can be used for a hiker needing a self-sufficient power backup for their electronic devices or for a family that will make a rural getaway in your country house.

Portable solar panels for country houses are generally heavier (+ 7 kg) and more prominent in size. This, together with a higher power, implies that with these portable solar panels for country houses, we will achieve sufficient energy independence for this site.

How do Portable Solar Panels Work?

For the portable solar panel to have this mobility function, its composition and how it works differ from conventional 500 watt solar panel installation. The first thing that the folding solar panel does is capture solar energy. When this affects the portable solar panel, they conduct a physicochemical reaction that produces direct current.

The next step follows its natural process. The direct current passes to the inverter to generate alternating current, generating helpful energy. Finally, this energy goes to the batteries stored for later use in different electronic devices.

Portable solar panels for a country house

On the other hand, with the portable solar panel for a country house with high nominal power, we can have an energy backup in areas without access to the electrical network. The portable solar panel can be used in country houses on an occasional basis, rural getaways, or camps with significant energy requirements. In these cases, the portable solar panel for a country house is characterized by being heavier (+7 kg) and more prominent in size.

Therefore, we will lose mobility and ease of transport, but we will optimize energy use to the maximum. As long as we accompany the infrastructure with enough portable panel units, we will not have a problem, even when there is a power outage.

In addition, this folding solar panel, unlike generators, is characterized by being completely silent, so in this type of isolated installation, the portable solar panel can be handy, especially if we are doing any outdoor activity.

Foldable solar panel: Physical Characteristics

A wide range of powers, dimensions, and weights is available for portable solar panel kits. We can obtain lightweight, portable solar panels (2.5 kg, sometimes) with powers between 70W and 100W.

This is accompanied by small dimensions, making the portable solar panel an ideal device for outings where we will move a lot and need to charge the electronic devices we take.

Portable Solar Panel Kit

These portable solar panels for country houses are usually made up of photovoltaic solar cells (monocrystalline and polycrystalline), capable of converting sunlight into electrical energy. The generated energy is stored in a battery built into the portable solar panel or can be used directly to power devices connected via USB ports or other charging interfaces.

In addition, some folding solar panels incorporate additional features such as:

Multiple charging ports
Fast charge capability
Resistance to water and weather
Monitoring systems

With the folding solar panel, we can also consume stored energy. In other words, we can have a unit with a converter and batteries to store the energy the folding solar panel captures.

What do we have to take into account before purchasing the portable panel?

Before putting solar panels in a home or business, we must consider our needs before purchasing a portable solar panel. This is what you will have to take into account:

1. The power of the portable panel. The portable solar panel that we buy must be able to offer us the amount of energy that we need.

2. The efficiency of the portable panel. Depending on the technology the portable solar panel uses, monocrystalline or polycrystalline, its efficiency will be higher or lower.

3. Size and weight. Something obvious to consider is knowing your mobility possibilities.

4. Durability and resistance of the portable panel. When solar panels are used, which are subjected to more trips, their chances of suffering a shock increase. For this reason, we need the portable solar panel to have excellent resistance. Considering all these elements, we can make a good purchase of a folding solar panel.

All the benefits it offers

If the implementation of solar energy for our homes, businesses, and industries was a revolution, the portable solar panel for country houses could be even more so.

The possibility of taking a renewable energy source with us can be the path to new opportunities in our way of consumption. But what advantages does the portable solar panel for a country house represent?

What are the advantages of the portable solar panel kit:

1. Mobility and portability. Thanks to the weight of the portable solar panel, which, as we have said, depending on the power, is between 2.5kg and 7kg, we can take our portable solar panel with us. This makes us avoid other types of power-generating equipment that are heavier and more annoying.

2. Use of renewable energy. For those who use solar energy out of a commitment to the environment, this new technology creates an opportunity to keep their commitment intact even outside the home.

3. Energy autonomy. If having solar panels at home is already a step towards energy independence, acquiring a portable solar panel means taking another step. We can have energy at any time, regardless of where we are.

4. Easy installation of the portable panel. Unlike a conventional photovoltaic installation requiring a qualified installer, a portable solar panel system for country houses does not.

5. Less space. The components, such as the battery or the inverter that comes with the portable solar panel, are smaller than what we can have at home.

All these advantages represented by the use of the portable solar panel for a country house mean that in the future, this portable panel can be used in the getaways and vacations of many families.

Portable solar panel for camping: an excellent option for our adventures

For example, a portable solar panel for camping is designed to provide electrical power during outdoor adventures. This portable panel is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, making it ideal for camping use.

Portable solar panel price

The portable solar panel price will depend on its power and size, so it is highly variable. On average, a portable solar panel for a country house of 200W and 12V will be around 10k PHP.

However, the portable solar panel price will change depending on the quality of the panel, its power, the brand, or the quality.

In summary, the portable solar panel is a practical and sustainable solution to charge electronic devices away from home or in remote places without access to the conventional electrical network.

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