JA Solar Panel Price Philippines
JA Solar Panel Price Philippines

JA Solar Panel Price Philippines

The photovoltaic energy market is currently in a phase of dynamic development. The solar panel market gained the greatest momentum when China joined it and literally “flooded” the entire photovoltaic industry with its products.

It is not by accident that poor quality products are called “Chinese.” Initially, companies from the Middle Kingdom focused on economical solutions that did not necessarily go hand in hand with quality.

With the development of technology, China has become the largest and most powerful producer in the photovoltaic market. At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, they produced twice as many photovoltaic panels as the rest of the world.

Currently, it can be said that “practice makes perfect,” because for several years Chinese, economical solutions have been a reasonable, full-value and high-quality product. 

JA Solar Photovoltaic Panels

One of the key Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaic panels is the JA Solar brand. Their products can be found on every continent. Although they surprise (positively) with their price, the quality is comparable to European standards.

JA Solar produces photovoltaic panels in 11 factories located in China, Malaysia and Vietnam. It is estimated that the processing capacity of these factories is 10.5 GW per year. This result makes JA Solar one of the TOP 3 largest producers of solar panels in the world. 

JA Solar panels are an excellent choice for both home and industrial installations, as well as for large photovoltaic farms. In addition to typical converters made of whole mono- and polycrystalline cells, the Chinese giant is one of the main producers of double-sided and halved monocrystalline panels.

The manufacturer ensures the quality of its products by allowing the warranty to be maintained only when the panels are installed by properly trained assembly companies. Therefore, it is best to use the services of authorized companies.

The features of JA Solar cells include:

Surprising durability and reliability – although the warranty is shorter (which we mention later), the manufacturer guarantees that the panels will serve you (fully functional and efficient) for up to 25 years.

Resistance to weather conditions – even if you live in a region with large temperature fluctuations or rapid atmospheric changes, you do not have to worry about your panels.

Constant efficiency and unchanging efficiency of the installation – over time, the efficiency and electrical parameters of the panels do not change much;

Exceptional mechanical resistance – the installation is resistant to impacts of fruit falling from trees or small pebbles.

JA Solar breaks the stereotypes of typical “Chinese” products and debunks the myth that low-budget products result in low quality. Satisfied customers around the world are proof of this.

Technical Parameters of JA Solar Panels

According to the manufacturer, most panels have an efficiency of 19% to 21%. JA Solar’s offer includes panels with power ranging from 330W to 550W. The upper value is one of the better results compared to devices that are produced in series.

As for resistance to stable mechanical loads, JA Solar used standard industry parameters: the panels can withstand pressures of 2,400 PA (rear) and 5,400 Pa (front). The manufacturer also took care of temperature resistance: it is stated that the temperature coefficient of PMPP is -0.35%/1⁰C above the test temperature of 25⁰C.

Technologies used in JA Solar systems

Are you wondering what technologies are used in JA Solar panels? The brand uses the most modern solutions, including:

PERC is a technology that maximizes light absorption. This is thanks to the aluminum layer, which is located at the back of the panel and acts as a power reflector, and the metal layer, which has laser-cut holes. Thanks to this, the cell is not exposed to excessive heating, and the light penetrating the silicon wafer is directed back to it. In this way, more solar energy is obtained and converted into electricity.

Half-cut panel technology – it is very popular among brands producing photovoltaic panels. Half panels are characterized by links cut in half. Thanks to this, as in the case of PERC technology, JA Solar half photovoltaic panels heat up less and minimize energy losses caused by the internal resistance of the cell. Importantly, they are more efficient – in the event of shading , only one of the two sections is exposed to it, while the other works completely without any problems.

Multibusbar – an innovative solution in JA Solar panels is the maximization of the number of busbars. This has a huge impact on the relationship between hypothetical and actual power (the so-called fill factor). We can count that panels using this technology are more efficient and less exposed to resistance (i.e. energy loss).

It is also worth paying attention to the double-sided (bifacial) glass-glass panel, which perfectly absorbs light reflected by the surroundings (e.g. ground, concrete or water). Thanks to this, we can gain up to ¼ more electricity. For people who value aesthetic solutions, solar panels with dark finishing elements may be an excellent solution .

Cena panel And Solar

As we have already mentioned, the price of JA Solar panels is affordable for every budget. In fact, as in the case of other companies, everything depends on the model and parameters of the PV panels that companies intend to install. The manufacturer offers both budget and premium solutions. 

For example, inverters: 

  • From the JAM60S20 series with a power of 380 W will cost us between PHP 7,638.23 and PHP 9,722.77;
  • From the JAM72S20 series with a power of 450 W, the cost is up to PHP 11,111.74;
  • From the JAM72S30 series with a power of 540 W cost around PHP 13,889.67.

In my opinion, these are extremely economical solutions considering the quality and parameters of the cells. JA Solar is a relatively cheap and reasonable choice of photovoltaic panels.

JA Solar solar panel warranty

It would seem that JA Solar panels are a perfect product. A good quality product for every budget. Compared to other offers from Chinese manufacturers, JA Solar provides a 2-year longer warranty against manufacturing defects of photovoltaic panels (12 years in total). This includes, among others: models from the budget series.

So what’s the catch? 

The standard for premium photovoltaic panels is a quarter of a century, which is twice as long as proposed by this Chinese giant. Bearing in mind that the lifespan of PV panels is 25 years, it would be worthwhile for the warranty to cover the entire expected period of operation. 

The manufacturer guarantees that throughout this time the possible drop in output power should not be lower than 83% . JA Solar also offers its consumers a 25-year warranty on linear performance.

As I have already mentioned, JA Solar offers such a warranty period only if they were installed in accordance with the guidelines and instructions. Warranty conditions also include appropriate transport protection and method of operation.

Advantages and most important parameters of JA Solar panels

There are many reasons why JA Solar is among the top 10 solar companies in the world. Bearing in mind the opinions about JA Solar panels – both from users and installers – are largely very positive. 

The most frequently mentioned advantages of JA Solar panels are :

  • Stable and established position of the Asian manufacturer on the market – the company has been operating continuously since 2005;
  • The company’s excellent financial situation, proven by one of the first places on the Tier 1 list;
  • The extraordinary durability of PV panels, including: on the PID effect, which was proven by PVEL tests;
  • Satisfactory operating parameters that allow achieving the expected yields;
  • Trouble-free access to products;
  • A cost that is relatively low compared to the system’s capabilities;
  • A wide range of PV panels;

Implementation of cutting-edge technologies (e.g. PERC and half-cut)

Of course it is not a perfect product. In my opinion, the biggest disadvantages of Ja Solar panels are:

  • Short manufacturer’s warranty (most top companies offer twice as much);
  • Although the parameters and yields are good, they are not impressive. They are simply not competitive;
  • No Philippine manufacturer’s headquarters;

JA Solar Solar Panels Summary

Photovoltaic panels from the Asian company JA Solar are an excellent compromise between quality and price. Good parameters and adequate performance. For example, these efficient 410 Wp solar panels can produce more electricity compared to competing panels within a similar budget. 

Among Chinese manufacturers, it stands out with a longer, 12-year warranty for PV panels. At the same time, it is a relatively much shorter time than most companies that propose 25 years. 

The company generates over $3 billion in revenue annually and holds approximately 10% of the global photovoltaics market . It employs over 20,000 people worldwide. I’m sure that it is a solid brand for many years that will not disappear from the industry any time soon.

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